Where to get all the bottles


Go to Lon Lon Ranch, and go in the left door. Wake up Talon and talk to him. Play the Super Cucco Finding Game he offers you. Win the game and he will give you a bottle full of Lon Lon Milk that can heal your health (It can be empty).

Go to Kakariko Village. Get all seven cuccos and put them in the cucco lady's cucco pen. Talk to her after that and she will give you an empty bottle.

Go to Lake Hylia. Swim to the area near the portal to Zora's Domain. Swin under water (in that area) and grab the bottle with a note from Princess Ruto in it (You will need to do something with that note to get in Zora's Fountain).


Catch all 10 Big Poes in Hyrule Field and sell them to the man in the Poe Shop in the haunted Hyrule Market (The first door when you come in) and he will give you a bottle (The Big Poes will appear when you're on Epona the horse in Hyrule Field. You will need to kill the Big Poes with 2 arrows and when they look like yellow fire walk up to it and it will ask if you want to put it in a bottle and then say yes and it will automatically put it in an empty bottle if you have one).

What can be put in bottles

(Not including Princess Ruto's letter)